hole [hōl]
[ME < OE hol, orig. neut. of adj. holh, hollow, akin to Ger hohl < IE base * kaul-, *kul-, hollow, hollow stalk > L caulis, Gr kaulos, stalk]
1. a hollow or hollowed-out place; cavity; specif.,
a) an excavation or pit
b) a small bay or inlet; cove: often in place names
c) a pool or deep, relatively wide place in a stream [a swimming hole]
d) an animal's burrow or lair; den
2. a small, dingy, squalid place; any dirty, badly lighted room, house, etc.
a) an opening in or through anything; break; gap [a hole in the wall]
b) a tear or rent, or a place where fabric is worn away, as in a garment
4. a flaw; fault; blemish; defect [holes in an argument]
5. Informal an embarrassing situation or position; predicament
6. Golf
a) a small, cylindrical cup sunk into a green, into which a ball is to be hit
b) any of the distinct sections of a course, including the tee, the fairway, and the green [played the fifth hole in par]
7. Physics, ElectronicsPhysics Electronics a vacancy in a semiconductor, crystal, etc. left by the loss or absence of an electron: in some semiconductors it acts as a carrier of a positive electric charge
holed, holing
1. to make a hole or holes in
2. to put, hit, or drive into a hole
3. to create by making a hole [to hole a tunnel through a mountain]
burn a hole in someone's pocket
to make someone eager to spend it: said of money
hole high
Golf at a spot on or near the green that is as far as the hole is from where the ball was hit
hole in one
Golf the act of getting the ball into the hole on the shot from the tee
hole out
Golf to hit the ball into the hole
hole up Informal
1. to hibernate, usually in a hole
2. to shut oneself in
3. to hide out
☆ in the hole
1. Informal financially embarrassed or behind [fifty dollars in the hole]
2. dealt face down: said of a card or cards in stud poker
make a hole in
to use up a sizable amount of
pick holes in
to pick out errors or flaws in
the hole
1. Informal SOLITARY CONFINEMENT; also, a cell used for solitary confinement
2. Baseball the area of the infield between the third baseman and the shortstop or between the second baseman and the first baseman
SYN.- HOLE is the general word for an open space in a thing and may suggest a depression in a surface or an opening from surface to surface [a hole in the ground, a hole in a sock ]; HOLLOW basically suggests an empty space within a solid body, whether or not it extends to the surface, but it may also be applied to a depressed place in a surface [a wooded hollow]; CAVITY, the Latin-derived equivalent of HOLLOW, has special application in formal and scientific usage [the thoracic cavity]; an EXCAVATION is a hollow made in or through ground by digging [the excavations at Pompeii ]

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